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About the Author

The woman behind the curtain and author of Film Flavor is Via Marsh, sometimes Olivia, aka yours truly.

I am a writer, multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, NYU-film-grad, film-industry-survivor, bread baker and bread lover. I have worked on feature films, documentaries, television shows, shorts, digital series, podcasts, and just about every other form of media across genres. I also work as a writer, graphic designer, and social media professional.

My ultimate goal is to inspire and encourage creativity, community and curiosity in others.

My portfolio and additional details may be found on my website.

Is It Free to Subscribe?

Yes, Film Flavor is a 100% free newsletter publication. I am currently paid with your attention and our communal epicure and cinephile vibes.

The History of Film Flavor

Grab your popcorn, kids…

I started Film Flavor as an Instagram account years ago. Soon, I began posting about foods that appeared in film, and cross-posting on my Letterboxd. Finally, I started the Film Flavor newsletter here on Substack. I aim to make Film Flavor the premier online destination for all things food, film, and flavorful.

To me, “flavorful” encompasses the taste of foods as much as the look, feel, and aesthetic of films, television, and media.

I Want to Hear From YOU

If you’re craving a community of foodies and film junkies, epicures and cinephiles, keep reading… 

From pickleball leagues to virtual reality partying, merrymaking communities with other folks on your wavelength are essential to keeping your head on straight in the modern world. 

I’m here to tell you: We food-in-film lovers deserve community joy just as much as any other group of hobbyists! Sure, we enjoy spending most of our time in dimly-lit rooms where talking to others is frowned upon, but we also enjoy sharing our favorite dish recipes and film pairings with like minded individuals. 

If you’re interested in creating a community, I humbly ask you to join the Film Flavor club by

  1. Subscribing to the Film Flavor newsletter, 

  2. Replying to the super secret welcome email questions, and

  3. Joining the conversation in post comments and on Substack notes.

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